Mourning Lane

It’s been thirty-six days already since you’ve been gone
It’s hard to imagine that you’re gone forever, Mom


I know you’re up there sleeping with the stars :(
I miss you terribly can I hug you from afar? :(
Nothing could warm this heart drowning in sorrow
Like a mother does in wiping tears of her daughter :'(



All seems fine with me but then again…

Still I feel weak and tired and I am not sure how I will get through a particularly depressing time. It can feel a struggle but it is with all His energy which so powerfully works in me.

The Covenant of CHRISTmas


Happy birthday, Jesus!

Lord, thank you for your covenant of love, that you are faithful and true and that in the cross we see your sacrificial love for us. Thank you that you rule and reign in this universe as King of kings and Lord of lords – abounding in love – and that one day we will see you face to face.  

May we never take advantage of your abounding love, but rather continually praise and thank you for it and abound in love for you and for others.

Happy Birthday, dear Jesus! :)
Blessed Christmas, everyone! :)


You’re in the best place now Mom. You’re safely home. I love you so much. Rest in peace. Rest in His arms now, Mom. I love you.


My appreciation of you doesn’t need saying or any more writing.

I hope I brought colors into your soul as you also did in mine.

Take care always, my gentle grizzly.

Understanding Him

The Bible

The Bible gives us all we need to live our lives for God each day. But it won’t help if we don’t read and practice what its pages say. ~ Sper

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Let Me Be

I need a damn break from everything. I need a breather. Travel maybe? I wanna go some place. Somewhere quiet, away from the city noise, away from my daily responsibilities, away from this competitive world, away from reality. Just away.

But my ailing Mom needs me back quick. How can I fight for the weak when I myself is weaker?

Let me be weak for once, may I? Let me be loose and quiet, free and weird, lost and unimportant and nothing.

Hmmm, no wonder writers work alone.

But I do not want to be lonesome like them.

Hmmm, I will be fine. Just let me be like them for a day or two.

Lord, please help me. Take me to the place where I should be. Show me your footprints and I will follow.

Don’t you dare close your beautiful eyes yet. Please. :'(


Estoy pensando en ti 🐻

A Point of Reference ※


 ‘To love is to risk not being loved in return. To try is to risk failure. But risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.’