one of Coldplay’s sad songs any sad person can wallow so much into…



He’s colored all the secrets of my soul
I’ve whispered all my dreams
But just as night time falls this vision falls apart
Into a riddle of his heart

I could never hurt the one I love, he’s all I’ve got
But he’s so vulnerable, oh, so vulnerable…


most vintage songs ‘bear’ the truest sentiments

Your Eyes

“Anyway the thing is what I really mean…yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen.” ♫ ♥

It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked. Your silence is killing me. Until when?

Atlas Hands

I will remember your face
‘Cause I am still in love with that place
But when the stars are the only things we share
Will you be there?

OMG I can sing!

Colors of the Wind


Let Her Go

Let Her Go – Passenger (Boyce Avenue feat. Hannah Trigwell acoustic cover)

I could listen to this song and all of Passenger’s album all day. Thank you for sharing your music, Mike Rosenberg. 🙂


An Ideal of Hope

I keep getting shivers from listening to this Man of Steel music score like I want Hans to compose the soundtrack to my life. No words but this is utterly porn for my ears! Hans Zimmer rocks!