Are You There, Rafa? It’s Me, Roger.

Haha! I’m bummed out more than they do. I want more of this convo. The bandanas are hilarious!


John McEnroe: Rafael Nadal is the best ever, even with a first-round Wimbledon loss

Yes, I’m still devastated as f*ck. Rafa’s unprecedented first round loss last day in Wimbledon put tears in my face, no, the journeyman Steve Darcis was honestly the one who broke my poor heart. It is sad to see Rafa get knocked out by players sitting outside ATP’s top 100. Rosol last year then Darcis this year. I don’t want another dejavu in 2014, Rafa pretty please? But for one, I still want you to win in Wimbledon to silence them haters. Anyways, I’m done with Wimbledon. I know I have to suck it up but at least I don’t need to stay up late again and frazzle over Rafa’s campaign on grass and will have much time to finally read the football books I bought some tad weeks ago. 🙂

Anywaaaaays number two, thank you so much Mr. J-Mac for sticking with your words and for letting me feel again how much Rafa means the world to me. I don’t care about his knee problems anymore. Tennis is so much more about confidence than we even realize and talent matters over all. His amazing power, talent, confidence after a 7-month layoff from injuries and his adorable humility are pretty much what it is. The numbing reality will always be there but if you would only focus on those things about him, the shocking losses will do no more than that and as Rafa reminds us: “At the end, is not a tragedy. Is sport.” 🙂

Spurs’ Gregg Popovich offers hugs to Heat’s LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

Awww, I want a hug from Coach Pop, too! Congrats to the Heat and thank you for the great game, Spurs. Respect to these amazing teams. 🙂

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An Ideal of Hope

I keep getting shivers from listening to this Man of Steel music score like I want Hans to compose the soundtrack to my life. No words but this is utterly porn for my ears! Hans Zimmer rocks!

Pardon, your slip is showing! Freudian slips, gaffes, & faux pas at RG13

LOL! Thought I’d share this!

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8th Heaven

I’m supposed to be blogging about Rafa’s recent record 8th Roland Garros win, no? I’m a Rafa Nadal zealot come to think of it. Sorry, I’m a bit of a mess in the head but I don’t blame the late-night tennis days not to forget the rain delays in between matches and the flare-wielding streaker who stole seconds of drama during the finals.

However, I am so sleepy to pull a cheery and inspired post about it now that it’s raining so pleasantly like the heaven is near my pillow. The long and lazy street outside lounging with the rain shower’s tippity-tappity-tippity…uhm…yeah this blog is going nowhere since it’s nearly 12:30 A.M. and I should be snoring away to dreamland. 😀


But before I bid you goodnight, here’s one of my favorite tweets from victorious Nadal last Sunday. You need to tilt the image sideways to see the cool stuff in it. Clue: King of Clay 😉

Ciao! I’ll be back in a jiffy. 😀

Rafael Nadal dominates David Ferrer for eighth French Open title

Enhorabuena, Rafa! You are simply amazing (for lack of a better word)! First man to win 8 GS titles in the open era and for breaking the men’s record for match wins at Roland Garros at 59-1! You are the man, uhm, no…you’re a beast! So proud of you, honey! Vamos mi unico campeon! 🙂

‘Nadal defeats Djokovic’ is the hot headline everywhere

Insatiable Nadal!

Rafael Nadal outlasts Novak Djokovic in French Open semifinal marathon

You do not simply underestimate Nadal in his backyard. You just don’t.


Rafael Nadal for Emporio Armani Underwear

Dear Karen,

By your hot request, behold the washboard abs and gorgeous, famous a$$. This one’s for you. Enjoy! :))

PS: Please do check out the whole series on YouTube. The one with Rafa undressing while running was my favorite. That short film was damn hot!