OMG I can sing!

Colors of the Wind


From Thailand with L♥ve :)

I received another surprise in the mail today and it’s a ‘thoughtful package’ a.k.a. a postcard from a dearly missed family in Thailand. It’s from my ‘ate’ (big sister) Jing who is now based in Bangkok with her husband and son. Jing is the most beautiful ‘ate’ God has given us. Beautiful–functioning from within and out. 🙂 She uses her energy in a productive and creative way like this one, her thoughts running a great deal out of a cute, baby elephant taking its little steps just to find and surprise me. I can’t thank her enough for the little things she does for the family. She never forgets about us. 🙂


Sawasdeekah Dumbo 🙂

I can honestly say that the personal touch of a postcard or any message in the same form will never be outdone by online communication (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) which we are abusing nowadays. I’m cool with Twitter but not anymore with Facebook. Privacy is starting to trample on FB and the obsessing/selfies on Instagram is annoying me big time.  I’m talking sh*t about it again stop me! 😀 Anywaaays, looky here. Oh the vintage feeling is so good it’s like reading stuff with the dandy of the eighties. So cool. 😀


It doesn’t get any sweeter than this. 🙂