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We are Christian players but sometimes we lose our tempers or do other things that are not right for Christians to do. But you shouldn’t look at us in this way. The only one who never sinned was Jesus. We are all human. We all sin but Jesus came for sinners. Don’t look at people. Look at Jesus. ~ Ze Roberto, Brazilian professional football player



I demand the same. UP Fight! Vamos Maroons!

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It’s that time of the year when the UP Fighting Maroons have to deal, again, with heartbreaking, nerve-racking losses. In the past season, the clamor for a single victory has not materialized. And as an incoming freshman of the University of the Philippines, I am writing this not to accept that we are the worst team in the UAAP because I firmly believe, even my own friends will never agree with me, that YOU are way better than that.

I am a fan of Philippine basketball, in general. When I say in general, that means I support inter-sitio, inter-barangay, inter-town leagues. But, of course this passion extends all the way to the Big Dome.

As I watched the opening tip of the UAAP Season 77 match between YOU and the UE Red Warriors, I was full of hope and anticipation that, maybe, this was…

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fangirlI’m a fan of tennis (Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova) and football (Manchester United, Real Madrid).

So much for The Championships (Wimbledon 2014) and the World Cup (FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014). Come to mention it we only get to witness exciting football games from the world’s best football teams every four years! And then there’s tennis that fans watch multiple times every year caring more about what goes on about their favorite players (and how they’re doing in the sport) rather than their lives.

Fan-girling is basically no life. 😀 Because of time differences, we get sleep loss and when work gets in our ways, creeping is the name of the game.

TenisFutbol is the new sport. The life of a FanGirl is hard. 😀



Rafael Nadal Wins French Open, Defeats Novak Djokovic For Historic 9th Title At Roland Garros

This gallery contains 45 photos.

I’m just as happy as any other Rafa fan right now! You truly are an amazing legend, Rafa. What are you, really? Because you are not human to me. You are a beast–the most beautiful beast to ever grace the … Continue reading

Happy Birthdazzlingday, Rafa!


Vamos Rafa!

I will always believe in your extraordinary acts of bravery on and off court. I know I would be damned if I don’t. Cheers to another year of greatness, Rafa! Feliz cumpleaños a mi único campeón! ♥


I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it’s crazy but that’s the only thing I’d really like to be. I know it’s crazy. – J.D. Salinger

The Catcher in the Rye

I’d just be the…

Juan Mata Carrying the Load for Moyes @MrDaddyD

I know it’s going to take Moyes some time to adjust to another pressure from this lucrative yet promising (hopefully) signing. With Mata and the lads all good and injury-free, Moyes has a full squad to pick from for the Crystal Palace match. I’m expecting a pretty strong line-up though ’cause man, Moyes still can’t get his sh*t together at shaping up a blazing squad. How about if we play Januzaj on the left and Valencia on the right? Just please, please don’t find a way to mess it up. It’s just that I can’t predict the reds’ games since then. Well, ’til the end of match. Glory, glory Manchester United!


Manchester United’s newest signing £37.1 million Juan Mata from Chelsea could be one of the biggest signings in United’s recent history for a number of reasons.

Having spent his first transfer window at United unsuccessfully trying to buy a variety of players, and only succeeding in a last minute desperation purchase of Marouane Fellaini. David Moyes has finally got his act together and bought in Juan Mata from Chelsea for a club record £37.1 million. Why Juan Mata? Well, being surplus to requirements at Chelsea, he was one of very few top class players available. With Mourinho seemingly happy to sell to United, he clearly see’s United as little threat to Chelsea for the next few years and maybe looking to the future, Jose has made no secret of managing United one day and ‘helping’ them now might bring some payback at a later date.

David Moyes was able to…

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VIDEO: Rafael Nadal and David Nalbandian on Susana Giménez Show

Awww, Rafa and Nalby looking great sitting it out and having fun at the same time in this show. Vamos you handsome tenistas! 🙂

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