The Humble Champion

The Humble Champion

Rafael Nadal of Spain drops to the ground and shouts after defeating Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina in three sets on March 17, 2013 in Indian Wells, California, in the men’s tennis final at the BNP Paribas Open.

Nadal is the most humble of champions  in the tennis world. He stays on the ground despite the grand slam and ATP Masters titles tattooed in his name. There’s a lot of sportsmanship in Nadal’s games and I think he is a master at it. 🙂


Thor vs Gentle Giant

Rafa is back.

Who says Rafa will never reach top ranking again? Who says Rafa will never be the same again? Who says….sshhh…shut the hell up you spitting lies. Come on, who says knee injuries (torn patella tendon) are easy to deal with? Rafa’s and us worshipers’ struggle weren’t easy, I tell you. Imagine the announcements made in the last few months that our champion won’t make it to the Summer Olympics, Davis Cup, US Open, Melbourne, you name it. Like Rafa, we also needed time to get comfortable with the news blow by blow. I would have thought that I could survive the boredom of watching tennis without him, but nooo. I survived but fairly poor. There was tennis but empty tennis, no? Rafans know what I mean.

Patience is a virtue and so I waited patiently. I thought that by the time he’s back things will go well, and that he will start gaining titles in the future. Recently, he just did. 🙂 At long last, the feeling was precious when he bit trophies in Acapulco and Brazil. Who says Rafa will hit the snag again? Hah! The man is back and is taking everything in the way to the Indian Wells championships. Your assumptions are epic fail. Booyah!!! 😀

Tomorrow, Rafa will face Juan Martin del Potro in the final IW competition. Before I serve this blog out, I want to keep it simple that the final tomorrow will lead to a combination of good and bad emotions for us (fans). If Rafa wins, we celebrate and enjoy the moment, and if we lose…nah, we move on and do the Harlem Shake ’cause there’s nothing to lose anyway. Yes, strikethrough the ‘bad’ word. Rafa is back and that’s the best answered prayer we’ll keep up our sleeves.


We believe in our guy’s mantra and are ready to swallow the tough pill, no more sucky emotions for us, we hope. We’ve been through a lot. We believe that the Bull will do better in the entire season. He’s already shown impressive comeback in the ATP circuit only last month after seven months in the sidelines and will arrive in another surface (hard court) to face his Davis Cup arch-nemesis, Delpo aka Gentle Giant in the BNP Paribas Open. Believing in Rafa is the mantra I’m talking about, because if I don’t the battle will get rusty for me. So yeah, the Thor, who else would it be? Only Rafael Nadal.

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Rafael Nadal cruises, Juan Martin del Potro upsets Novak Djokovic to make BNP Paribas Open final

I woke up to this fist-pumping news today. Rafa just keeps getting better and the recovery of his knee is going well day by day. Vamos Rafa!