My Sunflower Angel

Missing her comes in sunflowers, always reminding me of her sunny attitude and golden heart.

Forever missing you, Mom. I know you’d rather tell me to hush now and smile instead ’cause I got these sunflowers for free. 😀 (Oh, special thanks to UP Diliman’s garden along University Avenue for these lovely blooms). We had fun flower-picking! How I wish heaven had visiting hours, no? We’ll have tall stories to tell that’s for sure. ^_^

Anyway, when it comes to Mom, God knows that my tongue and brain sometimes lack the words to say and express how much I miss her. It’s really hard to put these mixed feelings into words. And so I’ll just leave this as it is.




Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. :)

You are nothing short of amazing, Mom, and you will always be the best for us. We love you lots! ❤



My Dad is an Engineer :)


My Dad is a very quiet and calm man but when it comes to telling stories about his profession and the universe, he’s your talker of the day. He is just a big kid with a big backpack full of stories in it. 🙂

Cheers to the never-ending stories about the black holes, the huge cranes often used in building constructions, the 11th dimension and many more. We will always be your fan, Dad. Happy birthday! Simply the best Dad in the whole wide superuniverse  We love you to the 21st dimension and back. 🙂

By the way, Dad was born on 111th of the year 😀

Holy Sweet Week

Being ONE with our closest family friends again in more than a decade is the sweetest blessing on an Easter week. God is indeed the DJ and life is a dance floor. 🙂Image

Huzzah! 😀 Hear us celebrate life in this bubbly picture, all smiles, thankful and appreciative of God’s grace and blessings. Glory to God in the highest! ^____^