Let Me Be

I need a damn break from everything. I need a breather. Travel maybe? I wanna go some place. Somewhere quiet, away from the city noise, away from my daily responsibilities, away from this competitive world, away from reality. Just away.

But my ailing Mom needs me back quick. How can I fight for the weak when I myself is weaker?

Let me be weak for once, may I? Let me be loose and quiet, free and weird, lost and unimportant and nothing.

Hmmm, no wonder writers work alone.

But I do not want to be lonesome like them.

Hmmm, I will be fine. Just let me be like them for a day or two.

Lord, please help me. Take me to the place where I should be. Show me your footprints and I will follow.

By Project 55 Posted in Random

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