Gorgeousness vs Huffiness

Once again, Rafa and Novak take their rivalry in the hard courts, this time in Montreal Rogers Cup semifinal. Their showdown was mouthwatering, well of course, I give the most credit to Nadal for his flawless muscles wrapped by the sweaty, yellow Nike shirt! And those shorty shorts oh holy wow Mr. Gorgeousness you don’t know my sweet ‘suffering’ when I watch replays ’cause I usually tend to lose focus on the game everytime you touch your famous a$$ but for the most I blame this: taking your shirt off every after match, asking for a towel, lining up your water bottles, and so on. Some hate your courtly manners but I don’t care. I love you for you and I’m used to frazzling over your nervy games against Novak. 🙂 You’re still the best and one of the thoroughly nice guys in the sport. Congratulations for winning the Rogers Cup, I’m sure Milos learned a lot from your power FHs again and Vamos in Cincy! 🙂

Oh by the way, about the title? Simple. Gorgeous is Nadal and Huffy is Djokovic. Another valid reason why I like Nadal for never throwing a racquet in anger and the likes. Watch the highlights and you’ll figure out why. 🙂


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