Invincible Nadal

Image“Maybe this win is even more special given where I have come back from. Playing in Madrid is always very exciting for me and the tournament couldn’t have worked out better.” ~ Rafael Nadal


“Since we started playing on clay in Europe, I’ve realised that my drive is working again at its high level. I’m able to open the angles and play a lot of winning points. I couldn’t do that in Barcelona or Monte Carlo; over here I could… It’s true these last matches I have been able to reach that place where I want to be playing, the kind of play that I’m aiming for.” ~ Rafael Nadal

“I think he started really well. Even if I’m playing my best tennis and [am] completely fresh, it’s really, really tough to beat him. It was tough for me. The ball was flying. I didn’t find out a way how to play my game [and] how to be aggressive on the court. He was also dictating the points. [Nadal’s] a lefty and puts so much topspin on his forehand, so I have to [play my] backhand always high. So I need to have the perfect timing to play a strong shot. You could see today [that] if I don’t have the legs to get there, I have no chance to come back in the point. So many times [today] he hit one [or] two forehands to my backhand and I could come back.” ~ Stanislas Wawrinka


“I’m very happy for everything that has happened. Forty titles on clay are far more than what I’ve ever dreamed of [winning]. I will just enjoy them and continue working on the same level to try to be better and to try to be at a really good level for what will come in the future.” ~ Rafael Nadal

Photos by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images


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