Thank You, Sir Alex!

Things have been a bit gray in this radius since my birthday. Things really do happen when you least expect it.

These cloudy thoughts are inconsolable, thus my apologies. 😥


I’m still sad about yesterday’s huge news, I won’t lie. Wednesday, May 8 was history.

SAF, you have no idea how our lives changed seconds after you confirmed your retirement. I got into an online fight with a fellow United fan on Facebook. My heart wept (tears of sadness and happiness) while re-tweeting glorious messages for you from famous football players/athletes across the world. Sir, I don’t know how else to write you a message now. Like many other fans, all I can think of is to send my heartfelt thank you for standing by the lads, the club and for making us fans very proud. You rewarded us not only with trophies but with mind-blowing games we desired and made it more meaningful in your time. Your extreme dedication to the club will forever amaze me. Keep well and thank you so much, Sir Alex. 🙂

PS: This is my #ThankYouSirAlex message of thanks to the man and I’m also hoping that this gets selected for a Special Alex book. I am keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂


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