In Everything Give Thanks :)

It seemed like the sun and the sky conspired to greet me a warm ‘happy birthday’ today. It rained not too much and the wind blew me a kiss not too rough. 😀 Just enough gifts from the nature to be thankful for. Thank you Lord Jesus for another breath of life. 🙂


And here, a cute, birthday card arrived in the doorstep yesterday! Thank you so much, Jing. You always find ways to surprise me. I got teary-eyed when I opened the card with two of its pages showing me a doodle of love from Jibril and a lovely message from you. We can’t wait to see you all in July. ♥


Hey little Stitch, you don’t know how you made Tati Esing (and Tati Inky too!) very happy with your epic artwork! 🙂 We love you so much!


Now comes the fun birthday twitpic. Thank you, Inky, for these fun-tastic summer photos—reminds me to always smile when things go wrong. That’s right, give thanks in everything, love life, smile and be happy.

In honor of my birthday, I am glad to share with you the ‘20 Acts of Kindness That Won’t Cause You a Penny‘ to live by, all yours to keep and grow on and is absolutely free for sharing. 🙂

1. Open doors for others
2. Return shopping carts for people
3. Volunteer at the local food pantry, school, library, etc.
4. Thank someone for t…heir hard work
5. Write notes of appreciation to anyone who’s made a difference
6. Look for ways to serve people in your family
7. Bring in the neighbor’s garbage can/recycling bins
8. Help a coworker meet a deadline
9. Offer to watch a young mother’s child for a few hours
10. Take a friend/neighbor’s dog for a walk (and give him a nice brushing afterward!)
11. Mow/rake/sweep for an unsuspecting neighbor
12. Spend an hour picking up trash at a local park, beach or roadway
13. Go through your clothes and donate items to a local shelter
14. Spend an hour at the local nursing home assisting with crafts or reading to residents.
15. Adopt a soldier as a penpal
16. Give someone a compliment
17. Donate blood
18. Leave a positive comment on a blog
19. Let someone in line go ahead of you
20. (My share ☺) Sm:)e even under the invincible summer solstice

Let’s all keep well. 🙂

with bffs

with bffs

PS: To all of my lovely friends (you know who you are ☺), thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the birthday messages and advanced treats. I love y’all!


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