Free Stickers for Me!

This arrived in the mail today and it is a first! My smile was thiiis ^____^ big when I saw the name of the sender with the address  New York, New York. Yay!!! Thank you so much, GG! You guys have absolutely made my busy day!Image

I believe in you now. I thought I’m going to wait for forever ’cause the last time I ordered my first set was way, way a long, long time ago. No pun intended. I tell yah, two Christmases have already passed since the order date and I will never ever wait in vain again. Well okay, here they are. I’ve moved on already. 😀 The thing is, I didn’t give up on checking-in stuff ’cause somehow and somewhere in my head there’s this little glue guy telling me I should keep up with the Glubies. So I did and it worked! Who’s your jolly-go-lucky girl of the day? Bow. *happy dance* 😀

Huzzah! Lovely stickies for me and I can’t wait to check-in for more! 🙂


Indeed, the best things in life are free and God is so good all the time. 🙂


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