For the love of reading, I always find time checking on Patty’s blog in between office breaks. I guess every person who has a passion for reading blogs will agree to her. My good friend Karen actually told me that Patty is one of her favorite bloggers, especially her ‘travelogs’. Hmmm, her name sounds familiar I just couldn’t remember where (maybe on TV) I last saw her or wonder if she writes columns on PDI Lifestyle pages, something to that sense? Until I checked her website, yes, I know her, but wasn’t aware of her blog works. Indeed, everything in her blog resonates her grand yet simple life. She is a high-spirited blogger and the simple appearance of her site is what I like most because it reflects her personality.

Aside from books, I love exploring new authors online as well and Mrs. Laurel-Filart is one of them. There, let me share with you one of her recent entries posted >> Feb 11. I love stories about kick-ass Daddies  so I’m excited to share her joy for having a father as cool as the Rock Star up there. 🙂  Enjoy reading!

Shout out to Patty’s Dad: Belated happy birthday, Sir! I want to hug you ’cause you’re a kind and loving man like my Dad! Salute!


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